A driver’angel to bring you and your car back.

In Geneva, whatever the time of night.

Available now!

Premium service

White gloves, a bottle of water… Your driver takes care of you and your vehicle.


Drive-in safely at night? It’s Priceless!

In fact yes it is: CHF 6.- per kilometer !*


Wherever you are or whatever the time of the night, you always have a driver to accompany you!


No fines, no pound, no time lost or taxi charges the next day to pick up your vehicle… All in all, it is worth it to be brought back home safely.

Tired ? Had too much to drink? Not motivated ?

You went out with your car and you do not feel like driving again?

Safe Back Home is your solution!

1 Open the Safe Back Home app and request your driver
2 Get home safely in your own vehicle
3 Once parked, the driver gives you back the keys and if necessary, he accompanies you to your doorstep.

SafeBackHome brings you back safely,
every night from thursday to saturday,
within a radius of 15km* around the city center of Geneva


  • Thursday : from 9.00 pm to 2.00 am
  • Friday and Saturday : from 9.00 pm to 5.00 am



  • Pick-up CHF 18.-
  • Plus CHF 6.- per kilometer

*within the canton of Geneva, except for Chancy, Avusy, Dardagny, CĂ©ligny.